Something For Mum!

TCD_LimitedPrint_smG’day all,

I wanted to share with you some new products we just made available in the website shop… with a quick story to go with them. And as a big “thank you” for your continued support, I want to give you 15% OFF ALL WEBSITE STORE ITEMS!

Just use the coupon code MOTHERSDAY (all one word) in the coupon box at checkout, and you’ll get your exclusive discount.

I’ve painted with my Mum, Irene Daley, since I can remember and I’ve carried it into my adult life as well. It has always brought me joy and brings a little calm in a busy life that we lead in our household.

So after many an afternoons painting with my dog at my feet and Laurel cooking up a feed, I’ve finally got a few art pieces to share with you all.

mug-tcd1a_smMy new mug (which you may have already seen) is a design inspired from my fishing days at the red rock river — I always loved the look of that place at high tide especially when the fish were biting!!

That artwork has now turned into a very limited print run of 50 pieces to share with everyone… I’m really proud of it. They are numbered and ready to frame.

TCD_Teatowel_smThat artwork is available on a new tea towel as well.

My Mum planted a seed on her last visit and asked if I’d ever considered doing something feminine like a scarf? So I did a painting called “Gumbaynggirr Skies” which later turned into a song on the new record. It’s about laying on the big rocks on the banks of the Mann River looking into the night sky dreaming of what’s out there…

TCD_Scarf_2_smSo my new scarf was born, it’s soft and gentle with a story behind it that pays homage to the strong women in my life. I hope it makes my Nan, Mum and Wife Laurel proud when they wear it.

Also, back by popular demand, we have the black hoodie with the zip in the front, this time with a grey TCD logo on it.


I would love to see you out on the road – just click HERE to see where we’re going to be in the next couple of months…

Here’s hoping ALL of you Mums out there have the most wonderful Mother’s Day!

Regards to all,

TCD xx