“Things I Carry Around” CD

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Inspired by the writing of the book, Troy has recorded his tenth solo album (also called Things I Carry Around) full of new songs, but more so a standalone album that encapsulates Troy as a singer/songwriter in a more relaxed and organic musical environment. Troy’s stories of his own family, love and loss have been woven into song and will take his audiences on a journey throughout his life.

Track Listing:

  1. Funny How Things Change
  2. Halfway Creek Timber Cutting Man
  3. Things I Carry Around
  4. Brighter Day
  5. When My Daddy Played
  6. Country Music’s Coming To Town
  7. On My Way Back Around
  8. My Gumbaynggirr Skies
  9. Smoked With Willie and Merle
  10. Down The Road
  11. If My Heart Was A Town
  12. Running
  13. My First Night Alone
  14. Certified Railway Man
  15. Blue Lights

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