Merry Christmas everyone!

G’day folks,
And welcome to my Christmas news letter.
So much has happened this year it’s hard to mention all the highlights as there are so many.
Firstly where has this year gone? Time flys thats for sure .
I released my Album “Home” and had a lot of work to do before it was even on the shelves.
We had to make a clip for “Country Is ” the first single so it was off the Werris Ck and Tamworth for the day, during that day we shot the album cover as well in front of an old EH Holden! What a great old car.
The we jumped in a Hyundai and headed off on the promo trail with Sarah from my record company Liberation.
We went everywhere the tour was going and more. Right through regional Victoria, right up to Far North Qld and down through the North coast of NSW.
All amazing Country to be in, in fact we have an amazing Country folks we should be really proud of!
So then with “Home” released it was time to rehearse the band for the show and hit the road! The show was such a pleasure to take around and tour, so many people loved the footage that went with the songs and it made everything look great on stage.
Trying to find quality Family time this year was hard, and really had my heart heavy at times to be away, but it’s the only down side to a most amazing job that I have.
I won a Deadly award for Album of the year this year which made me very proud and having my kids Clay and Jem there to share it was amazing.
I want to say thanks to my amazing manager Roxanne Brown for a year of incredible hard work and consistently keeping our lives and careers in order!
My road band and crew Mike, Vaughan, Mik, Simon, Dan and Heath for amazing company and commitment out on the road.
I want to thank all my long term fans and friends who have been there from the start , you have never drifted away just been there all the time in support of my music and me.
To Laurel Clay and Jem
Words can’t describe the love I have for you, thanks for understanding the miles I have to do with my crazy job!!
So Merry Christmas to all and a safe new year , I hope your journey takes you where you want to go and the road is not too rough getting there
Love to all